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To empower, celebrate and honor women who serve, past and present, as well as acknowledge the female spouses for their devoted service.


From the CEOs


We live in a world dominated by men and there is little recognition for women who wear the uniform. I had a vision for SheServes2, LLC., as I too have been a witness to being overlooked. When I am out with my husband, who served honorably for 28 years in the Marine Corps, and we reference the military, people automatically thank him for his service without acknowledging me. I have chimed in saying, “I served too. I am also a Marine Veteran.”

I am also honored to have the title military wife.  I realized that even though I was no longer wearing the uniform, I was serving too. Military spouses don’t wear the uniform, however when our husbands are gone, we become the head of household and what happens to the husband also effects the wife. Whether he is home, in the field or deployed, we are serving to keep our serviceman effective on the job.

In conversations with other active duty women, female veterans and military spouses, I discovered that we all have the same regard for our lack of recognition.

I foresee that SheServes2 will inspire, uplift, empower, celebrate and honor us all.

Carlet Wilson, Founder & CEO-Owner

I joined the SheServes2 movement because I believe in its vision and mission. I am very happy to be on this journey with my sister-in-arms, Carlet Wilson. As a 20-year Marine Corps retiree, I too have had to say, "I served too". I have been mistaken as a Girl Scout while in uniform and the first thing that came to my mind was, "Where have you been?" and "Women serve in the military too."

Now, since I’ve retired, they ask, "Oh so does your husband serve?" Which is followed by a look of ultimate shock when I kindly respond, "No, that was me." 

I love how SheServes2 will bring awareness to the service of active duty and veteran women, and the sacrifices of military spouses. We are here to inspire, uplift, recognize, celebrate, honor, and empower. It is best to fix your sister's crown rather than to snatch it off her head.

We are all queens and have our sister's back. 

Lashea Cavers, CEO-Co-Owner


March 2019

“This just bought tears to my eyes. I am just a spouse. Never have I served anything other than a plate for my family.”

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